Cutting Edge AI-Image Recognition Platform to measure store execution

What is Store360

  • AI-Image Recognition Application that captures store level product data in real-time
  • Automate and scale manual store audits
  • Data used to Measure Store Level Execution such as
    • Planogram Compliance
    • Perfect Store Initiatives
    • New Item Execution
    • Pricing Compliance

What is Included in Store360

  • Mobile App
  • Automated Image Recognition Engine
  • Market Insights Analytics Tools
  • Available in IOS and Android Operating Systems
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How It Works

SEE.  Images are captured for products and promotional materials either on-shelf or off-shelf using the Maxerience mobile app, significantly reducing data collection time, improving accuracy and capturing more detail versus manual surveys.

COMPARE.  Images captured on the mobile app are sent to the Maxerience cloud and your products are identified down to the SKU level with 95%+ accuracy using our advanced AI-based automated image recognition engine.  You can compare what is captured at shelf against what is expected such as Planogram compliance or against other products to understand share of shelf.

EXECUTE.  Actionable insights are returned from the cloud to the mobile app within seconds driving immediate corrective action while still in store . No more waiting minutes, hours or days for manual product identification and tagging like some solutions. Sales reps can compare results to previous visits or outlet segment targets and receive prescribed actions to improve execution immediately.

COMPETE.  Strategic market insights are generated based on BIG DATA captured from Store360 using our powerful rules engine so you can compete.  Compiling these insights within custom BI reporting dashboards with drive a competitive advantage for your brands and sales teams. Export via API into your data lake or CRM systems to generate richer insights.

CUSTOM DASHBOARDS. Organize “BIG DATA” captured at retail, across a given retailer, retail channel or market into customizable BI reporting dashboards.  Data can be integrated into CRM tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot and others.


  • Out-of-the-Box Dashboard Views & Reports:

    • Market availability versus competition
    • Share of shelf per channel/segment
    • Cross Customer Compliance Benchmarking
    • Competition brand battle
    • Outlet-specific execution KPIs
    • Field team KPIs & reports
    • Geographic market analysis

    Automated Retail Execution KPI

    • On Shelf Availability (OSA)
    • Out of Stocks (OOS)
    • Share of Shelf
    • Facing by item
    • Shelf Positioning
    • Perfect Store Scores
    • Planogram Compliance
    • Point of Sale Presence/Compliance
    • Pricing Compliance

    Mobile App (IOS or Android)

    • Instant Feedback
    • Collect custom survey question data and supporting images.
    • Segment data collection by role and retailer
    • Custom Branding
    • Capture data online or offline