A Store Level Planogram Generator, Leveraging AI-Image Recognition to Generate Editable Planograms from a PDF Image

What is PDFToPog?

  • AI-Image Recognition Application that converts a PDF into an editable planogram
  • Planograms from PDFToPog can be converted to leading software providers such as Relex or Blue Yonder
  • Key Uses for PDFToPog
    • Competitive Analysis.
    • Automated Planogram generated
    • Independent Retailer Planogram Collection
    • Planogram Compliance


What is included in PDFToPOG?

  • What is included in PDFToPog

    • Automated Image Recognition Engine
    • Integration into leading planogram software
    • Available in IOS and Android Operating Systems
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How It Works

  1. See. Planograms are captured from a PDF document
  2. PDFToPog automatically converts Planogram to editable PSA file.
  3. PDFToPog collects and organizes all PDF planograms captured.
  4. PDFtoPog works interchangeably with PicToPog by comparing the published PDF document with the “Real-O-Gram” produced by PicToPog to understand real-time compliance.


  • Automated Real-Time POG Generation
  • Fully integrated into Blue Yonder or Relex
  • Simple store capture from photo