Deploying Maxerience AI-Image Recognition And Customer Reporting Solutions

What is EZPOG?

  • Web Based Planogram solution for ambient shelves, cooler doors, and pegboards
  • Low-cost solution for simple planogram needs at a fraction of the cost
  • Ideal for line review
  • Calculates basic analytics such as space to sales, share of space and clustering.
  • 100% compatible with leading software solutions such as Blue Yonder and Relex

What is included in EZPOG

  • 1 year licenses starting at $499.00
  • Live onboarding tutorial
  • Access to state-of-the-art image library
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How It Works

This software leverages the state-of-the art image library to help build basic planograms for CPG without the expense or expertise required by big software companies.  This can be used by Sales or Administrative Staff to build simple category planograms used to present to Retailers or disseminate to execution partners.  

Once your business grows and more comprehensive planograms are needed, EZPOG easily converts into the giant software companies such as Blue Yonder and Relex without missing a beat.  


  1. Develop Professional Planograms without the cost or expertise needed for major planogram software giants.
  2. Easy for Sales and or Administrative Employees to use.  No need for Category Manager Specialists
  3. Improve communication and consistency for Sales and Merchandising Organizations.
  4. Compatible to all major software solutions such as Blue Yonder and Relex