About Us

Maxerience provides advanced image recognition and Internet of Things (IOT) solutions that digitize physical retail environments to enable CPG brands and retailers to measure, analyze and optimize how their products and promotions perform in real time. Eliminate the retail execution “blind spot” and take immediate corrective action to drive increased sales, grow market share and elevate your customers’ shopping experience with Maxerience.


Karan Bakshi


Karan is the CEO of Vision Group and is focused on on shaping the values and vision of Vision Group with emphasis on Customer Success and innovation. Outside work, Karan and his wife love exploring countries and cultures rich in history.

Jason Derienzo


Jason is the Chief Revenue Officer of the Vision Group. His focus is sales growth and marketing expansion across our enterprise. Jason’s most brilliant sales achievement was convincing his wife of 27 years to marry him.

Alan Kennedy

SVP (Retail Execution)

Alan heads our Retail Execution solutions focused on delivering customer value through AI Image Recognition solutions. Outside of work, Alan enjoys family adventures, rugby and sailing.

Joseph Montesano

Director of Sales and Marketing

Joe Montesano has 15 years of experience in business development, with a specialization in consumer-packaged goods and revenue generating technology. Joe’s experience working with the world’s most prominent brands and tailoring solutions to meet the unique technology needs of clients has helped positively impact top-line sales for across global footprints. 

Rich Brown

SVP (Digital Product Content)

Rich was the first employee of SMSB and possesses over three decades of Product Imaging expertise. He heads our Digital Product Content products and services.  

Brian Mackin

SVP (Space Planning)

Brian heads our Category Management products and services, from product assortment implementation to planogram strategies and methodologies. 

Blaine Ross

Strategic Growth Officer

Blaine has advisory relationships with senior leadership at global retailers and suppliers representing a variety of industry trade classes. Utilizing a platform of business intelligence solutions, he facilitates top-to-bottom commitment through strategic partnerships and customer focus.

Ana Paula Aguiar A.

Customer Success Manager

Ana Paula Aguiar A. has more than 20 years of experience creating conditions to spur sales, launching new offerings, and transforming existing businesses, notably for retail and IT Global industries. Ana leads the Maxerience Customer Success team for all Coca-Cola projects in North America, helping customers to achieve success and realize business value on our platform products. When not working with customers, Ana enjoys outdoor activities in the beautiful San Diego Area with her family.

Raymond Camacho

Vice President of Customer Success

Ray is the Vice President of Customer Success and has a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. He has over 13 y ears of experience in Consumer Products, Shopper Marketing, Trade Marketing, Categorization, Space Planning.

Mirella Pujol

Customer Success Lead – LATAM

Mirella Pujol is a consulting manager, with broad experience in expanding businesses and opening markets in all LATAM countries. Expert in project implementation processes, analysis, and strategic consulting. She leads Maxerience Customer Success Team for LATAM markets helping to add value propositions to our clients.