Leveraging AI-Image Recognition to Generate Editable Planograms from a Photo

What is PicToPog?

  • AI-Image Recognition Application that converts a photo into an editable planogram
  • “Real-O-Gram” or real-time editable planogram is generated by PicToPog
  • Planograms from PicToPog can be converted to leading software providers such as Relex or Blue Yonder
  • Key Uses for PicToPog
    • Competitive Analysis.
    • Automated Planogram generated
    • Independent Retailer Planogram Capture
    • Planogram Compliance

What is included in PicToPog

  • Mobile App to Capture Store Level Data
  • Available in IOS and Android Operating Systems
  • Automatic Image Recognition Engine integrated into leading planogram software, EZPOG
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How It Works

  1. See. Image or images are captured from the shelf.
  2. Real-O-Gram Generation. PicToPog converts the picture to a editable planogram format.
  3. Real-O-Gram will compared to Published Planogram to determine compliance or stored in software database for further analytics


  • “Real-O-Gram” Creation from a photo in real time
  • “Real-O-Gram”  converted to Relex and Blue Yonder planograms
  • Drive Planogram compliance and competitive analysis at scale

Customers reviews

What Executives are saying?

“Our Members are independent and have great ideas. PicToPog has enabled us to capture best practices across our entire 2,200 store base. We can also find trends on execution gaps to help prioritize our stores with our vendors.”
Brian Trout
CEO Greater Houston Retailer Association
“Expanding PIC2POG to other channels and categories, where we are not the leader, will be critical in allowing us to compete”.

Kayzell Milton
Head Of Sales