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Maintaining Cold Vault Productivity by Leveraging AI-Image Recognition Technology to Assess Store Level Service and Execution

Defining Cold Vault Productivity

Cold Vault Productivity is referring to the merchandising fixtures used to maintain cold beverages available for immediate consumption. Often used in the convenience or C&G industry, many retail outlets use cooler and refrigerators to capitalize on immediate consumption occasions for their customers including coffee shops, bodegas, and quick serve restaurants (QSR).

The Problem

These retailers simply don’t have time to fill empty holes on the shelf or ensure that Planograms are correct. They often rely on the DSD rep to fill their shelves with the items that will sell the most. Given recent labor shortages, store operators simply don’t have the staff to help. Unfortunately, not ensuring the right items are in the vault and that empty shelves are filled create the risk of unsatisfied customers and lower sales. The industry talks about out of stocks being a massive problem, valued well into the Billions of Dollars. For Store Operators, chronic out of stocks can mean lower traffic and pressure on sales and labor. 

The Solution

There are several tools such as Store360 and PicToPog offered by Maxerience that can help store operators quickly get notified of out of stocks by item in real-time, helping to make filling the shelf faster. Our tools can also help collect data such as pricing, time of day and planogram compliance. When this data is consistently captured by store personnel, staffing strategies can be developed by adjusting to the trends AI identifies. We can deploy tools as such ClickToWin, where AI is used to ensure compliance, rating the shelf and rewarding store personnel for maintaining in stock positions.  A way to ensure your customers are satisfied, while rewarding your store personnel for keeping the shelf full.

Store360 Track all execution from primary shelf, off-shelf display, point of sale material and pricing.

PicToPOG Turn a picture from the field into an editable planogram that integrates with sales data. Determine the value of an out of stock event to fixing planogram compliance.

Customer Dashboards Organize “BIG DATA” captured at retail, across a given retailer, retail channel or market into customizable BI reporting dashboards. Data can be integrated into CRM tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot and others.


  1. Optimize Store Personnel Time to ensure shelves are filled.
  2. Real-Time Gap reporting in store enabling immediate correction by store personnel
  3. Develop trend data to inform staffing strategies and vendor communication