Measuring Perfect Store Initiatives

Cutting Edge AI-Image Recognition Platform to Measure Store Execution and Custom Reporting Solutions

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Defining Perfect Store

The “Perfect Store” is a term being used to describe how a given brand should be represented across specific retailers, retail channels or markets. CPG Companies specifically, invest millions of dollars developing merchandising principles or standards that, when executed at retail, optimize their performance. For many CPG Company’s, multiple merchandising standards may be created across different brands, locations within a store, and new item launches. If you are a CPG company in the beverage space, for example, you may have standards to guide merchandising of several brands, off-shelf display, and promotional execution.

The Problem

Compounded Complexity in today’s retail world. That is, complexity on top of complexity. Measuring gaps between the Merchandising Standards that make up the “Perfect Store” and what is being executed is nearly impossible using manual methods. The risk is brand optimization which will lead to potential item deletion, losing promotional support and overall brand space reduction.

The Solution

There are several solutions Maxerience offers to help CPG Companys’ measure “Perfect Store” Initiatives. Utilizing AI-Image Recognition technology, state-of-art image catalog and business engine tools, Maxerience is perfectly positioned to help identify gaps in “Perfect Store” execution, with more detail, without bias of manual audit firms, at scale in real-time.

Store360 Track all execution from primary shelf, off-shelf display, point of sale material and pricing.

PicToPOG Turn a picture from the field into an editable planogram that integrates with sales data. Determine the value of an out of stock event to fixing planogram compliance.

Customer Dashboards. Organize “BIG DATA” captured at retail, across a given retailer, retail channel or market into customizable BI reporting dashboards. Data can be integrated into CRM tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot and others.


  1. Capture greater detail without bias of manual audit
  2. Real-Time Gap reporting in store enabling immediate correction
  3. Scale data capture building a comprehensive assessment of compliance performance