Cloud Based Digital Asset Manager

What is OmniPix

  • Cloud based digital asset manager (DAM)
  • Centrally store, manage and access digital assets as metadata associated with assets
  • Ideal for planogram creation and partner distribution
  • Images used for ecomm, advertising and virtual stores (metaverse applications)
  • Planogram image database capabilities

What is Included in OmniPix

  • Customized and comprehensive product image database
  • Live onboarding tutorial
  • 3D assets for virtual stores, metaverse and shopper research applications

How It Works

  • ·         Customize and manage all digital assets

    ·         Retrieve assets automatically for many applications such as planogram creation, virtual reality, market research, ecommerce, and retailer advertisements.

  • ·         Centrally located and updated for all department for use in signage, marketing campaigns, packaging, interactive display and website animation projects.


  •    Centrally stored and automatically updated images ensuring most current images are being used by the organization.
  •     Easy Access reducing wasted time searching for images.
  •   Images and metadata used for all image needs.
"Combining EZ POG with OMNIPIX is perfect for our remote team to share images and planograms seamlessly"
"Our Retailer Ads and point of sale pieces were a mess. Different images, colors and fonts for the same brand the same store looks terrible. OMNIPIX has made sure our merchandising, distributor and trade marketing teams all have access to the most current images.”
"It’s so hard to find the images we need for our virtual reality shopper projects. Omnipix has everything we need for our brand and other brands in the category.”