New Item Execution

Deploying Maxerience AI-Image Recognition and Custom Reporting Solutions

Defining New Items

New items are the life-blood of the CPG and Beverage industry.  In many categories, new items can account for over 50% of its growth.  New items can include new flavors, sizes, special packs and promotional packaging.   Brands rely on new items to preserve space and grow their market share.  Brands are often reliant upon Distributors to execute these new items at the shelf and off-shelf display. 

The Problem

New items are not always that easy to execute.  Competing priorities within a brand and across brands being carried by a Distributor can lead to more complexity and problems, especially when it comes to reporting back to brands and directing field teams.  On the supply side, new items often come with excess inventory that can take up warehouse space and weigh down operations.  Understanding where new items can be sold and how they are executed at retail is the first step in coordinating operations, maximizing sales and reporting progress back to suppliers.

The Solution

There are several solutions from Maxerience utilizing AI-Image Recognition technology to gain real-time visibility into how new items are executed.  Store360 and PicToPog are the tools best designed to help distributors understand where and HOW new items are being executed at Retail.  Data critical to optimizing sales priorities and warehouse efficiency.  Business engines then automate the reporting of this data eliminating time consuming and inaccurate manual reporting back to suppliers.

PicToPog takes this data and develops a “real-o-gram” or a real-time planogram from a photo taken at store level.  We then compare this “real-o-gram” with the actual planogram in order to identify gaps in executing new items such as number of facings, location within the set and what items have been removed to make room for these new items.

Store360 Track all execution from primary shelf, off-shelf display, point of sale material and pricing.

PicToPOG Turn a picture from the field into an editable planogram that integrates with sales data. Determine the value of an out of stock event to fixing planogram compliance.

Customer Dashboards. Organize “BIG DATA” captured at retail, across a given retailer, retail channel or market into customizable BI reporting dashboards. Data can be integrated into CRM tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot and others.


1. Capture greater detail without bias of manual audit 

2. Real-Time Gap reporting in store enabling immediate correction 

3. Scale data capture building a comprehensive assessment of compliance performance