Store360 Diary Study

Automating Planogram Compliance and Providing Real-Time Sales Insights to Leader in the Dairy Category

A leading producer and distributor of dairy and dairy alternative products

The Problem

  • Vision group worked closely with a leading CPG in the dairy and dairy alternative categories
  • The dairy category has become incredibly complex as traditional and alternative milks such almond milk, oat milk, and lactose-free gain consumer acceptance
  • Dairy is a very regional business as local dairy farms sell their brands to national chains on a regional basis. This creates additional complexity for national brands like Silk, a Danone national brand
  • Competition for local cold cases, required for dairy products, has heated up with innovation and regional brands
  • This CPG, selling across many dairy categories from milk and milk alternatives to yogurt and ice cream, requires execution in many places
  • This complexity across the country creates many blind spots for dairy producers in executing the Perfect Store, a term used by leading producers describing how products should be merchandised
  • Margin pressure in the dairy industry from commodity inputs has put additional pressure on planogram creation


  • Vision Group deployed two tools, Store360 and PicToPog, in addition to providing additional space management resources to Danone to measure current store level execution
  • This CPG utilizes these two Vision Group solutions to create optimized planograms through PicToPog and verify their deployment using Store360
  • Vision Group’s solutions integrated with point of sale and syndicated data to support space to sales indices, providing real-time insights

The Future for Danone

  • This CPG has committed to expanding categories, retailers and geographies in measuring perfect store compliance.
  • Given the dynamics in commodity pricing within dairy, this CPG is looking to leverage AI to support revenue management initiatives

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