Maxerience delivers advanced solutions to help sales, marketing and operations stakeholders at CPG and FMCG brands and retailers be more effective, efficient and successful. By providing detailed visibility and actionable insights for physical retail environments, Maxerience eliminates the “blind spot” between sales planning/distribution and POS data from customer checkout. Now you can gain full visibility into what actually takes place in the physical retail environment, and then take action to optimize retail execution and sales.

Sales & Store Execution

Grow revenues and market share while improving relationships with key accounts by optimizing in-store execution and supporting sales reps to have more strategic data-driven conversations with retail customers.

Empower Sales Reps to Be More Effective Account Managers

Reduce sales rep time for survey data collection by up to 50% and improve data accuracy through Maxerience advanced image recognition so your sales reps can focus more time on data-driven selling at key accounts.

Deliver Targeted Actions to Sales Reps in Stores in Real Time

Leverage real-time data to drive targeted in-store actions, empowering reps to fix execution issues before leaving the store.

Improve Promotional Execution, Especially During Holiday Periods

Maximize sales through excellence in promotional execution, especially during critical seasonal promotion periods by monitoring and correcting non-compliance and understanding which displays perform the best.

Brand & Customer Marketing

Deliver the best customer experience, improve brand consistency and maximize in-store conversions to build customer loyalty and elevate brand performance across all your retail channels.

Enforce Brand Consistency and Elevate the Customer Experience

Ensure your retail execution delivers an impactful and consistent brand experience for customers across retail channels by monitoring real time reports and scorecards and taking action to correct inconsistencies.

Improve Compliance and Marketing ROI

Ensure that retail partners are in compliance with contracts for executing promotional displays and POP materials to drive incremental sales and ROI for your marketing spend.

Gain Market Intelligence on Customers on Competitors

Understand how in-store execution impacts your customer’s path to purchase and where your competitors are investing in their marketing mix.

Category Management

Improve category performance, new product introductions and retailer partnerships by bringing detailed, data-driven insights to your category planning conversations.

Optimize Category Performance

Analyze detailed execution data base on real-world measurement of distribution, price, assortment and space for products in your categories.

Become a Trusted Partner for Your Categories

Combine sales data with real-world store execution data to create a compelling sales story and drive strategic conversations with retailer customers.

Drive Decisions to Accelerate New Product Sales

Monitor new competitive product introductions and analyze shelf execution factors that accelerate new product sales in different channels.

Business Analysis

Become an indispensable competitive advantage for your sales and marketing teams by leveraging detailed store-level execution data and eliminating the retail execution “blind spot” to uncover valuable insights.

Eliminate the Retail Execution “Blind Spot”

Analyze detailed execution data base on real-world measurement of distribution, price, assortment and space for products in your categories.

Analyze and Visualize Store-Level Data How You Want

We don’t limit your ability to analyze, visualize and share store-level execution data. We’ll work with you to develop custom Power BI dashboards and reports and empower you to integrate our data into your own data lake for rich insights.

Unlock New Sources of Value in Existing Data

Combine detailed store-level execution data with sales data to uncover valuable insights that will make you a hero to your sales and marketing teams.