PicToPOG for Category Management

PicToPOG is our image recognition-based category management solution that significantly improves the speed, efficiency and accuracy of your category management team by instantly creating thousands of editable digital planograms.

How PicToPOG Works

Step 1: Image Capture/PDF Import

Shelf images can be captured via the Maxerience mobile app, or planogram PDF files can be imported into PictoPOG to create digital planograms.

Step 2: Store Analysis

Images captured on the mobile app are sent to the Maxerience cloud and your products are identified down to the SKU level with 95%+ accuracy using our advanced automated image recognition engine. You can also opt for 100% recognition accuracy with a 24-hour response time.

Step 3: View/Edit/Export POGs

 Multiple shelf images are stitched together to create digital planograms that can be edited and made available to sales reps in the field.

 Digital planograms can be viewed, edited and exported in popular planogram file formats for use by category managers. Users can take advantage of our rules engine to analyze planograms.

Why PicToPOG?

Speed, Accuracy & Flexibility