Store360 for Retail Execution

Store360 is our comprehensive end-to-end product solution to measure, analyze and optimize how your products and promotional materials appear and perform on-shelf and off-shelf in real time to improve sales effectiveness.

What’s Included in Store360

Store360 product solution includes our mobile app, automated image recognition engine and market insights analytics tools.

Mobile App

Our user-friendly mobile app is supported on both Android and iOS devices (phones and tablets) and is the primary interface for capturing images and data at the point-of-purchase and directing immediate corrective action in the store.

Mobile App Benefits:

Automated Image Recognition Engine

Within seconds after uploading a photo from our mobile app to the Maxerience cloud, our automated image recognition engine recognizes products with 95%+ accuracy and returns insights and rules-based corrective actions that sales reps can implement while they’re still in the store, leading to improved efficiency, effectiveness and revenue.

Examples of Retail Execution KPIs:

Market Insights Analytics Tools

We support complex execution scoring through our customizable rules engine to power tailored dashboard views and reports to drive your business goals.

Out-of-the-Box Dashboard Views & Reports:

Custom Dashboard Views & Reports:

We’ll work with you to develop custom dashboard views and reports using Power BI to deliver on your business needs.

How Store360 Works

Step 1: Image Capture

Images are captured for products and promotional materials either on-shelf or off-shelf using the Maxerience mobile app, significantly reducing data collection time and improving accuracy versus manual surveys. The mobile app is supported on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Step 2: Store Analysis

Images captured on the mobile app are sent to the Maxerience cloud and your products are identified down to the SKU level with 95%+ accuracy using our advanced AI-based automated image recognition engine. You can define what you want measured including pricing, number of facings, share of shelf, promotional material and many other data points.

Step 3: Instant Actionable Insights

Actionable insights are returned from the cloud to the mobile app within seconds so you can drive corrective actions while the sales rep is still in the store. No more waiting minutes, hours or days for manual product identification and tagging like some solutions. Sales reps can compare results to previous visits or outlet segment targets and receive prescribed actions to improve execution immediately.

Step 4: Strategic Market Insights

Strategic market insights are generated based on store-level and product-level data using our powerful rules engine so you can build business strategy to drive impactful business results. Market insights can be reviewed in a custom Power BI dashboard or in tailored reports. You can also export data via API to your own data lake for integration with other data sources and generation of rich insights.

Why Store 360?

Improved Sales Uplift and Product Availability

Reduced Cost to Implement & Improved Accuracy